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Apr 11, 2019

Part Two of This Is Deadsville continues where Part One leaves off with the fate of Steven Smith. Steven’s son, Jack, Member of Parliament for Chatham-Kent, decides that he must finish what his father started, taking his crusade all the way to the House of Commons. Part Two has four songs: Don’t Give Up, Courage...

Apr 4, 2019

Part One of This Is Deadsville opens in a small Chatham, Ontario radio station, where a veteran radio host interviews the Member of Parliament for Chatham-Kent, Jack Smith. Smith tells the tale of how Martinsville fell on hard times and how his father, Steven, stood up for his hometown. 

Part One has five...

Mar 27, 2019

This is Deadsville is a musical podcast that tells the tale of a fictional Southwest Ontario town whose once thriving factory closes, forcing the entire town out of work. It is told through spoken word & nine original songs.